My name is Gaël Beaunée, I’m a researcher in epidemiology, specialized in epidemic modeling, inference and network analysis, currently working at INRA (the french national institute for agricultural research) in the BIOEPAR unit at Nantes (France).

I am currently working on inference methods for partially observed dynamic processes, and more particularly on likelihood-free methods for simulation models as ABC (Approximate Bayesian Computation) and composite likelihood approach.

I’m also involved in the Cadence projects which focuses on the spread of epidemic processes on dynamical networks of animal movements with an application to cattle in France. My work consist in analysing the cattle trade network in France to better understand and characterize interactions between holdings and the spread of epidemic processes, accounting for heterogeneities in types of nodes and trade relationships.

I am also highly interested in programming and data visualization, always looking for new ways to present my work in a precise and didactic way.

Research topics and key words:

  • Modelling in epidemiology
    • Metapopulation model
    • Stochastic dynamic model
    • Modelling disease spread and control in networks/metapopulation
  • Endemic livestock diseases
  • Inference
    • Parameters estimation
    • ABC methods
    • Composite likelihood
  • Analysis of large data set
  • Network analysis
    • Animal trade movements
  • Data Visualization

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